Some key points to consider

  • All projects must be started and completed within 1 calendar year (we usually don't wish to continue projects older than 1 year)

  • Sleeves are the most popular and preferred placement for us

  • Other placements are also encouraged such as full leg, full front or back pieces

  • For small tattoos we prefer lower inner forearm or outer calfs of the leg.

  • Ex. a full sleeve at 8 sessions will usually have to have all 8 sessions booked (deposits all paid up front) and spaced apart about 2-3 weeks.

  • To speed up the process, 2 day or even 3 day in a row sessions can be booked

  • Most projects will require 2 back to back days for a small tattoo around 12-20 hours of work for one piece, sleeves will usually be 4 sessions of back to back days (8 days total)

  • Please no cover ups, fix ups, color (only Trent), or non realism based ideas will be considered.

  • We prefer artistic freedom, however portrait style work is always considered as well.

  • Please be patient with booking, returning emails can take days or even weeks

  • Please be fully committed to this art form and have respect for this level of art we are pushing our limits and want to work with good people who understand the artistic process. We really appreciate every inquiry we get, thanks and see you in the chair soon!

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Small project = portrait or small piece such as a rose, skull or general idea for a forearm Medium project = a 1/2 sleeve idea or rib piece Large Project = a full sleeve which takes about 6-8 days up to a full front or back piece which can take 8-12 days to complete.